Sauna vs Steam Room for Weight Loss: Which is Better?

Saunas and steam rooms are great for chilling and might help you lose some weight. They make you sweat, which can drop some pounds for a short time. This guide checks if saunas or steam rooms are better for losing weight.

What is a Sauna?

Saunas are small rooms where you sit and enjoy dry or wet heat. They make you sweat because it’s so warm inside. People go into saunas to relax and feel less tight in their muscles. Many also hope to lose weight through the heavy sweating.

Does a sauna or steam room help you lose weight?

Yes, a sauna or steam room can help you lose a little bit weight. But the weight you lose is mostly water from sweating. When you drink water again, you gain this weight back. Both rooms are good for relaxing your muscles and cleaning your skin.

Which is healthier: a sauna or steam room?

Both sauna and steam room are good for health, but they work differently. Sauna uses dry heat, and the steam room uses moist heat.

In a sauna, the air is dry and it gets very hot. This helps loosen up your muscles and can make joint pain feel better. It’s also good if you have dry skin. On the other hand, a steam room has lots of steam and feels more damp. This can help clear up your skin and makes it easier to breathe. Both places make you sweat a lot, which helps clean out bad stuff from your body.

Sauna health benefits


Saunas help you relax. The heat in the sauna makes your body warm. This warmth loosens up your muscles and makes you feel calm. Sitting in the sauna is quiet, which helps you forget stress and rest well. Many find that time in the sauna clears their head and reduces stress.

Using the sauna often can make your overall health better. The warm air helps you sleep deeply. On days I use the sauna, I notice I sleep better. When you leave the sauna, your body cools down. This drop in body temperature helps tell your body it’s time to sleep.

Better Blood Flow: The warmth makes your heart work a bit harder, which helps blood move around your body better.

Clean Skin: Sweating a lot in a sauna helps get rid of body waste through your skin. This can make your skin cleaner and healthier.

Less Pain: The warmth can make body aches less painful. This is helpful if your muscles or joints hurt.

Good Sleep: After leaving the sauna, you might find it easier to sleep. The warmth helps your body get ready for rest.

What is a Steam Room?

Steam rooms are filled with warm, moist air. They are like saunas but with steam. You sit inside to relax and let the steam help your body in different ways. Steam rooms are great for making you feel calm and can help clean your skin.

Health benefits of steam room

  • Relax Muscles: The warm steam makes your muscles less tight. This feels good, especially after you work hard or exercise.
  • Clean Skin: The hot air opens skin holes and helps clean out dirt and sweat. This can make your skin clearer.
  • Ease Breathing: If you have a cold or feel stuffy, steam helps open your nose and lungs. This makes it easier to breathe.
  • Lower Stress: Being in the steam room can make you feel less worried or stressed. The heat helps your body relax.
  • Improve Blood Flow: The steam makes your blood vessels get bigger, which helps blood move better through your body.


1. Can you lose weight by using a sauna or steam room?

Yes, but mostly water weight. When you sweat in a sauna or steam room, you lose some water from your body by swearing, which might make you weigh less right after. But this weight comes back when you drink water.

2. Is a sauna or steam room better for long-term weight loss?

No, neither it is very effective for long-term weight loss. They help you sweat out water, not burn a lot of fat. For weight loss, mainly focus on diet and other exercise.

3. How often should you use a sauna or steam room to help with weight loss?

A few times in a week is safe, but remember, it is good for relaxation and not effective for real weight loss in the body.

4. What is the difference between weight loss in a sauna and a steam room?

There’s no big difference. Both can cause you to lose a small amount of water weight through sweating, but they don’t really help you lose fat.

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